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4 April
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Well, lessee...I'm the oldest in my family, love animals (especially cats, as my username shows), love to read, write, and draw, and enjoy singing/playing the piano/playing my violin. I also like to roleplay with friends, and enjoy chatting with my friends online ^^

I also like to cook, sew, crochet...basically, anything with crafts, I like it. I enjoy making cosplays for myself and my friends, as well as scarves, bags, plushies...you name it, I've probably at least tried to make it!

I have a little brother whom I ADORE (my friends and I call him Momiji, because he acts like Momiji Sohma from Fruits Basket), and a sister who I get along pretty well with. I also have another brother who is pretty fun, but boy does he have an ego!

My father and I are pretty close. People usually say that I look a lot like him. We are a lot alike, but there are some major differences. See, my dad's from Denmark, so there's a culture clash sometimes. Also, he's very practical and realistic, while I love to daydream and think about things that may seem trivial. However, we're still very close, and share a sense of humor (although I think mine's more gentle than his ^^; )

My mother died last year, but she's still very much a part of my life. I think about her daily, and talk to her sometimes. She was an awesome mother and teacher, both to me and my family, and to her students (she taught at the local middle school). Everybody really like Mom, it seems.

Mom died from Stage 4 malignant melanoma, the most deadly type of skin cancer. She developed it because she tried to tan when she was a kid, and sometimes burned. I mention this because I want to get the word out that tanning is dangerous. It can honestly hurt you years later.

Anyway...I guess I've babbled on about me enough ^^; I have some really awesome friends. There are quite a few of them on here, and I finally gave in to them and got an account ^^ So..see, guys..I'm here!