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I've been seeing and hearing some things about the upcoming Disney movie "Frozen" lately. As I like to research something as much as I can before forming even a basic opinion, I set about doing that. What I've found out makes me think the movie's probably going to be fun (Idina Menzel as Elsa/The Snow Queen? Yes, please!), and I'm actually super-excited about a Scandinavian country (Norway, in this case) being the setting for the movie. See, I'm half Danish (my dad was born and grew up there), with some Swedish and Norwegian mixed in here and there. I've been waiting a very, VERY long time for a movie (particularly a Disney movie) to be set in Scandinavia (I don't count "The Little Mermaid" by Disney as being set in Scandinavia, since Ariel's a redhead (rather than having golden hair like in the story), and the landscape that version was set in really didn't look like Denmark, just for the record).

Anyway, I've noticed a lot of people are making a stink about the art that's been released of Anna (Elsa's sister and the 'Gerda' figure, as far as I can tell) and Kristoff (possibly the 'Kai' figure, although it's also possible that Elsa's going to be a combination of The Snow Queen and Kai) because they're blonde, blue-eyed, and white. People have even gone so far as to say 'Disney should've made them part of the Sami race (the native indigenous race to Norway, Sweden, and part of Russia up in the Arctic Circle)!' Well, in all fairness...I actually like what I've seen of the character design. I've always identified with Gerda when I read the story, as I (hope I) would go as far and do as much as she did to find and rescue a friend of mine, so maybe I'm a little biased here.

Besides, every person who's saying 'oh, this story's cast should be more diverse and not the stereotypical Scandinavian!' and is basically worried about political correctness (at least, that's how it seems to me, and I call 'em as I see 'em), making arguments such as 'how do you think people who have brown/black hair and brown eyes that live in Scandinavia feel when they see or hear people saying 'you should be blonde and blue-eyed!' are ignoring a few things. Most of the people in my Danish family were towheads as kids. At least half of them now have brown or black hair, because their hair darkened as they got older. The other half has varying shades of blonde, from towheaded to honey to gold to almost brown. As far as I know, most if not all of my Danish family has blue eyes (I'm not sure about my cousin's daughter, since I haven't seen any pictures of her with her eyes open yet). According to my father, the trait of being born blonde and having hair darken through the years is fairly common in Scandinavia, and varying shades of blue eyes are also pretty common. I know my dad's not an expert or anything, but I do trust his word as he grew up there.

Anyway, I have another major problem with the politically correct police who are so worried about offending anyone who's not 'a perfect Aryan specimen that lives in Scandinavia' (yes, that is a direct quote from one blog). What about the people who ARE blue-eyed and blonde? Did it ever occur to those people that being blue-eyed, white, and blonde isn't all it's cracked up to be? That happens to be what I am (a perfect example of the stereotypical Anglo appearance is what I tend to call myself, to be honest), and it actually stinks sometimes. Let me explain.

In my immediate family, I am the only person who has golden-to-strawberry blonde (the perfect Aryan shade, actually, according to a history professor I had once) hair, and my eyes are the same true-blue color as my dad's. My brother and sister have dirty-to-brown blonde hair. My brother has hazel-towards-brown eyes, and my sister has grey (sometimes blue-grey, sometimes green-grey) eyes. In my extended American family, I've had to deal with looking TOO Scandinavian to really fit in or belong (as the majority of my mom's family have hazel or grey-blue eyes and ash-blonde-to-red or dark brown-to-auburn hair). I'm a Japanese minor in school, and most people in my department (or in general, once they hear my minor) don't take me seriously without me fighting for it because I'm, you guessed it, stereotypically Anglo with my blonde hair and blue eyes. They usually think I'm just an otaku-wannabe, or a ditzy blonde (thank you, generations of dumb blonde jokes) until I PROVE that I'm not.

Basically I thought it was really nice that Disney was finally putting out a story based on one of my favorite Hans Christian Andersen fairy tales, one that has a character I've always identified with, and that it was set in the culture of my heritage. I was happy to see characters that I felt I could identify with in one glance, if only because I look an awful lot like them. Then people making a stink about political correctness popped up. I guess that's why I wrote this, just so I could get these thoughts and frustrations out and explain why I'm okay with what we've seen for the film so far while explaining why I get upset at the PC police regarding this movie. *sigh*
I was reading the comments on a blog about the Little House on the Prairie books today, and came across one that rather bothered me. The commenter said that she'd be keeping her child free from the 'princess culture, as well as wizard culture, Narnia culture' and a bunch of other things that might be considered pop culture right now, adding that they all taught self-entitlement. I won't argue that a lot of pop culture encourages self-entitlement, but I do take issue with someone believing that The Chronicles of Narnia is about self-entitlement.

In my opinion, anyone who thinks The Chronicles of Narnia is just fantasy or about self-entitlement has obviously never truly read the books. It's more likely those who believe that have only seen the recent movies, or at most read halfway through the first book. Narnia isn't about magic and talking animals. It's an invitation to get to know Christ better. Aslan is an allegory for Christ.

Here are some examples: In "The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe," Aslan, an innocent who had committed no treachery, died in Edmund's place when Edmund's life was the price demanded by justice for his treachery. Aslan's sacrifice broke the bands of death, and he brought life back to those who had been 'killed' or turned to stone by the White Witch. Later, in "The Silver Chair," Aslan's paw is pierced by a cruel thorn, causing his blood to spill and wash over the corpse of King Caspian. As his blood does so, Caspian lives again, young, strong, whole, and perfect. These are hints that Aslan is meant to be Christ. In "The Voyage of the Dawn Treader," Aslan openly hints to who he is, though not in so many words: "I am also in your world, though you know me by a different name. I brought you to Narnia so that by getting to know me a little here, you may know me better there."

By reading the books in this wonderful series, I came to know and understand Christ better than I did before. It makes plain things that might be harder to understand just by reading the scriptures, especially for children. Therefore, I do believe that The Chronicles of Narnia is much more than people now give it credit for, though if they've only seen the movies (especially Prince Caspian), I guess I can see why they might believe that.

About rights....

True story: I almost had an asthma attack on my way to choir yesterday. Why? Because someone decided he needed a nicotine fix from a cigarette right outside the entrance to the  building I had to walk through (despite there being signs saying it wasn't allowed within 25 feet). As a result, Lucinda and I were late to class as I had to use my inhaler, and still couldn't breathe well for the next hour. 

Every day that I'm at school, I have to walk past folks smoking if I want to take the most direct route to my classes (including going into the buildings my classes are in). Why is this a problem (beyond the obvious 'secondhand smoke causing cancer' deal)? I'm an asthmatic who's developed a dangerous allergy to cigarette smoke. I've been offered a couple of good suggestions by a fellow asthmatic, but sometimes those suggestions aren't an option (for example, go upwind. I can't do that sometimes because the smokers are as far upwind as it's possible to go without phasing through a wall like ShadowCat/Kitty Pryde. Trust me, I'd take the phasing in a heartbeat if it were available!).

Last year, there was an open discussion about whether my school campus should be made smoke-free or not. Unfortunately I had class while it was behind held and couldn't go, but I heard some smokers who'd gone to it whining about how they "have a right to smoke, it's (their) choice, and it goes against (their) rights to ban smoking on campus." I had to walk away very quickly before I said something in a manner I'd regret. However, every time I pass someone standing outside one of the buildings smoking, or leaning against a building smoking (when there are signs plainly posted on every building that no one is to smoke within twenty-five feet of the entrance), I find myself thinking about what I wanted to say then: "Yes, it's your right to smoke when and where you want to, but I have a right to breathe and be able to LIVE without having to worry about MY life being put in danger because YOU need to smoke your cancer stick!"

Yes, people who smoke have a right to do so. To make my school's campus smoke-free may be an infringement of their rights. With that in mind, I respectfully suggest the following compromise: There be an area set aside as a 'smoker's zone', where anyone who needs to light up can. It can be set in an area that's within the 'twenty-five feet from building entrances' radius, on the lower part of campus (which is almost always downwind). The rest of campus can be made smoke-free.

Yes, people have rights. However, that doesn't give them the right to infringe on others' God-given rights. It's just a thought.

Adventures in sewing!

Recently, my little brother and a friend of his decided they wanted to make the weapons of all of the members of Organization XIII (from the Kingdom Hearts games). Then my little brother decided he wanted to try to pull together an Organization XIII cosplay, meaning he needed at least the coat in addition to the weapon (not to mention the wig for whichever member he would be cosplaying). Being okay at sewing, and wanting to have a chance to test a theory I had, I said I'd make one for him, if he'd compensate me for materials and time (keep in mind, I haven't had a job since January, so this was a reasonable request...especially considering that a professional seamstress would've charged my brother at least three times as much as I'm charging him). He jumped at the offer, so yesterday I pulled out the materials we'd bought and started working on it.

It...was quite an adventure. For one thing, I'd already cut out the material, so I thought it would be fairly simple to sew the pieces together. However...I'd forgotten that the machine I use likes to try to sew through pins. *facepalm* Luckily for me, the needle didn't break. I bent a LOT of pins, though...and one came out totally bent into some kind of S-shape. O.o; So...while that wasn't as smooth of sailing as I'd've liked, it could've been worse.

Then came the fitting. That went surprisingly well. So well, in fact, that I should've known things were going too smoothly. When I went to pin up the hem...it went all funky. It took me five or six tries (and taking pictures of my little brother with my camera phone so he could see how it looked) to get the hemline pinned in a way that we were both okay with it (though not really happy...but what could we do? It was slippery fabric! *note to self: avoid slippery fabrics like the plague!*). Let me tell you...there were MANY times last night that I was glad my brother's not paying me a lot for it...just because this WAS an experiment that was being difficult!

The good news: All machine sewing was finished in one freaking night (although I did work all afternoon and evening on it, finishing between 10:30 and 11:00 PM), leaving me with just putting the drawstring into the hood, and sewing on a chain that goes across the front. Both of those will have to wait until at least tomorrow though. I have to get beads for the drawstrings, and a clasp for the chain. However...it looks pretty dang awesome (despite the zipper being funky and not quite sitting straight...however, it's black, so it blends in well!), if I do say so. I already have some ideas to improve on any future Organization XIII coats that I may make *plotting* Hopefully they'll work out well!

In any case...pictures will be posted once it's done, so stay posted! ^^

Oh my gosh...!

I can't believe this! Five months ago I sent an email to The New Era (a magazine published by the LDS church for teens/young adults) after I read an old article that helped me feel peace while I was having a hard time dealing with some hard stuff and memories. Today, I was reading The New Era online (as I usually do every Sunday), and decided to check out this month's issue. I was shocked, and then ecstatic to see that my email had been published! I never thought that would happen! 

Anyway...yeah. I just wanted to share that...I know it's kind of a dumb thing to be so excited about, but...if you think about it, there are hundreds of letters/emails sent to the New Era every day, and only a few are ever published. So...that's why I'm so excited about this, considering the odds ^-^;


Random stuff and bandwagon!

One of my favorite shopping websites to check out is JBOX.com. It's a site where I've been able to find lots of cool Japanese stuff (that I had a hard time finding elsewhere) for decent prices....and it's fun to read the side blog that's on the home page. So, last night I was reading the side blog, and one of the topics covered was accents and learning the language. I have to put in something that was said there here, because it's just too funny (and I'm pretty sure at least one of my F-listers will get a kick out of it...right Amber? XD): "When a member of one language group learns to speak another language, the laws of phonetics decree that he or she will speak with an accent -- this is true of everyone, including myself. I'm told that English speakers generally sound more emotional than Japanese when we speak their language, often letting excitement about whatever we're talking about filter into our speech. In comparison, spoken Japanese is flat and generally lacking in intonation, which seems to fit with my theory that Japanese are really Vulcans." <---I laughed so hard I almost fell off my seat when I read that XDDD

Oh yeah...and I finally caved in and decided to jump on the fandom meme bandwagon that's been going around LJ lately ^^ So...onward! 

(Oh yeah...I may either go on and on and ON with some of these answers...or they'll be really short, and I can explain more in comments with y'all ^^; Anyway!)

01. The first character I fell in love with: Hm, tough one....my first exposure to Slayers was the summer after my senior year of high school, right before I went to college, and it was 'Slayers: The Movie'...and I was kind of..um..innocent back then ^^; So...if you're going off my first exposure, it was probably Lina...but if you're going off of the first character I really enjoyed and would quote often, it would be Xelloss ('Psychological torture! ....Ohhhh crap!' ) ^^ For some reason, he was one of the most likable characters for me.

02. The character I never expected to love as much as I do now: Hm...another toughie. Actually...I think it would probably be either Amelia or Filia. When I first saw the show, their sanctimonious attitudes DROVE ME UP THE WALL. They reminded me WAYYYY too much of small-town Utahns who're LDS (and understand, I'm LDS too. I'm not bashing members of that faith, just observing and stating my dislike of small-mindedness and hypocrites). As they grew and matured, though, I grew to really like them ^^

03. The character everyone else loves that I don't: You know...I'm really not sure on this one. I don't really dislike any of the commonly liked characters, so...I dunno! ^^;

04. The character you love that everyone else hates: Well...um...I don't know. I don't really have a character that I love that is commonly hated...at least, a strictly canon character. Now, if you're talking about characters that have grown through fanon rp with friends (aka Amber and Lucienne, mostly), I'd say that Val (Valgaav in Try) is one I love...then again, I've roleplayed him as a cute kid, so...it's hard for me NOT to love him ^^;

05. The character I used to love but don't any longer: N/A

06. The character I would shag any time: No way. This goes for ANY character in ANY fandom. I don't do the premarital/extramarital/casual sex thing, thanks...and the idea of sleeping with someone that's not even real is just WEIRD to me.

07. The character I'd want to be like: Uhhhh. I'm not sure. I think...maybe Zel? He's a softie underneath, but he's also become a pragmatist, has learned to be firm and decisive...and not let people walk all over him. Those are all things I need to work on (besides being a softie...I have that down!). Well...or Lina, in that she doesn't bottle things up too much. I mean, if she's pissed, the world knows it! 

08. The character I'd slap: I am totally with the majority on this one. The Supreme Dragon Elder REALLY needed to get that stick out of his butt and get off his high horse, Zuuma makes me SICK because he was not only duplicitous, but killed his own SON (which is a MAJOR no-no for me), and...Shabs just needs to disappear. Permanently. Crab patties, anyone? XD 

09. A pairing that I love: I'm pretty cool with all the canon pairings. I don't really have a favorite ^^ 

10. A pairing that I hate: I'll agree with Izo here and say that I HATE the R/Z pairing. Incest makes me SICK. Oh, and any kind of masochistic/sadistic pairings also make me ill. Enough said.

11. My five favorite characters: Xellos, Rezo, Zelgadis, Filia, Gourry...um...and I know this is more than five, but I really do love Lina's smartaleck attitude...and Amelia's idealistic optimism ^^

12. My five least favorite characters: Shabby, Zuuma, Supreme Elder...uh....Martina really annoyed me....oh yeah! Amelia's cousin from Next. What's his name...that tried to take the throne from Prince Phil? Him.

13. Which character I am most like: Uhhh...I don't really know ^^; I'd guess that I'm probably something like Filia or Amelia with some Gourry thrown in....and perhaps a touch of Lina...but...I'm guessing there ^^;

14. My deep, dark fandom secret: I don't really have one ^^; Not that I can think of, anyway.

Sailor Moon
01. The first character I fell in love with: Hmmm, another toughie! I think I can safely say it was Usagi, though. I really identified with her back in the day (I still do, actually)....not to mention when I was in second grade, there was a little Japanese girl who came to my class, and she thought I really WAS Usagi (my hair was way long back then, and up in the hairstyle...and she saw me trip and fall...and start bawling...on the playground) ^^;

02. The character I never expected to love as much as I do now: Chibi-usa, hands down. When I first saw the R arc (dubbed, unfortunately), she seemed like an absolute BRAT and reminded me SO MUCH of my little sister (who I didn't get along well with back then). After I read the manga, though, and saw the R arc subbed (and the rest of the show, Stars season included), I came to like her quite a bit ^^ I'm always going to prefer her manga incarnation to the anime, though.

03. The character everyone else loves that I don't: Hm, toughie. IIIIII....don't really know. I mean, I have some strong dislikes, but...they seem to be pretty universal in the fandom. Ehhh....Sailor Star Fighter, maybe? In the anime/manga, s/he seemed to be the biggest jerk out of the three (and don't get me wrong. I loved the other two, although they could also be kind of jerky).

04. The character you love that everyone else hates: Ummm...again, I'm not sure. The Shitennou, maybe? Well, no...most people who've read the manga seem to be okay with them. Dang it, I dunno! 

05. The character I used to love but don't any longer: N/A

06. The character I would shag any time: See my answer up in the Slayers section.

07. The character I'd want to be like: Uhum....I'd want to be as willing to give up everything to save everything as Usagi is...as smart and studious as Ami...as self-confident as Rei and Haruka....um....gosh. I can't think of just ONE character, that's for sure!

08. The character I'd slap: There are a few...and part of it depends on whether we're talking anime, manga, or PGSM here. Anime: Rubeus. Hands. Down. He is the biggest bastard creep for the way he manipulated and used the Four Sisters. I freaking HATE him!. Manga: This one's a little tougher, but....I would say it would have to be Professor Tomoe. He USED his daughter, first for a scientific experiment (sure, he was saving her life, but I dunno how much of it WAS in an effort to save Hotaru's life, truthfully), then as a vessel for Mistress Nine...AND he sold his soul to Pharoh 90 so he could 'become a superbeing, a god'. That's just...NO. PGSM (live action version): Mio. No contest. I HATE that b...er....witch. Sneaky, manipulative, duplicitous...obsessive...I was GLAD when she was gone!

09. A pairing that I love: I love all the canon pairings...and in PGSM I thought that Makoto/Motoki pairing was SO cute! 

10. A pairing that I hate: Beryl/Endymion...and Chibi-usa/Mamoru. Again, incest is NOT cool!

11. My five favorite characters: Usagi, Hotaru, Mamoru (at least, when he's not being controlled/stupid!), Diana...um...dangit! I can't decide between the rest!

12. My five least favorite characters: All incarnations of Chaos (I know, I'm cheating..oh well), Mio from PGSM, Professor Tomoe from the manga, Rubeus in both the manga and anime...um....I'm not sure who else ^^;

13. Which character I am most like: I think I'm a mix of Usagi and Hotaru, with a little bit of Ami (I love to learn) and Makoto (I love to cook and sew, too!) thrown in...oh yeah, and I have Rei's temper, but I'm better at controlling mine than Rei is at controlling hers! :p

14. My deep, dark fandom secret: In general, I prefer the manga, but...when it comes to the villians, with the exception of the first and last arcs, I prefer how the anime gave most of the villains some sort of redemption. The manga covered redeeming the villains from the first and last arc (well, sorta). And...I feel pity for Beryl, and for Galaxia (even though I also think that both were unbelievably cruel...although Galaxia had Beryl beat in the last manga arc). Most people don't get why, but...I do.

Harry Potter
01. The first character I fell in love with: You know, I really don't know! It was probably Dumbledore, though, followed by McGonagall, then Lupin...and then Hermione. I liked Harry okay, but...I never really loved him, if that makes sense.

02. The character I never expected to love as much as I do now: Draco Malfoy. When I first started reading the books, I started on number two, and while I felt sorry for Draco, and was sure there was a lot going on that we didn't see...he reminded me a LOT of the worst of my own tormentors from school. After I was out of school, and could look at it from a different perspective (and did a LOT of rp with Amber and Lindsay!), I grew to love Draco as I was able to see him less as a bully, and in a more rounded light. Book 6, yo.

03. The character everyone else loves that I don't: Ron. Easily. I have major issues with him turning on Harry in book 4, being SUCH a jerk to Hermione in books 3, 4,  and 6, and his general whining and jerkiness in book 7...not to mention he never did seem to grow up. I mean, if HARRY could be on civil terms with Draco, why the HECK couldn't Ron just grow up and move on? *sigh* 

04. The character you love that everyone else hates: I really don't know. I enjoy the Malfoys, and like them, for the most part, a lot. At the same time...I'm able to separate them from the actors who portray them in the movies, so...I don't know. Oh wait. I do know one character that, while he annoys me, I do admire (that most people seem to hate): Dobby. He always did what he thought was right, no matter what it cost him. His methods were unorthodox and bit heavy-handed sometimes (like that bludger that broke Harry's arm), but...he was always loyal and a good friend.

05. The character I used to love but don't any longer: Ron would fall into this catagory. I loved him, until I read book three. Then I decided he was immature and just a general jerk, most of the time.

06. The character I would shag any time: I repeat: see my answer to this question in the Slayers section. On top of that, I generally see most of these characters as KIDS. Enough said.

07. The character I'd want to be like: Lupin. Easily. He's so kind and patient, and handles his burdens so well, without letting them embitter him the way the majority of the werewolf population in HP did. I also wish I could be like McGonagall...she is really cool, and she can turn into a cat! XD (okay, I know turning into a cat isn't possible, but if it were, I'd LOVE to be able to do it!)

08. The character I'd slap: Let's see...Ron, for his general jerky behavior, Lucius Malfoy, for how he treated his son and what he got him into (although Lucius DID do the right thing and did love him...but still), Fenrir Greyback for biting Lupin AND for being a pedophile/preying on kids (whether he was just biting them or...er...otherwise), Bellatrix for being a psychotic b...witch Voldemort's number one Death Eater, um...Sirius, for expecting Harry to be just like James and therefore treating him, in many ways, as his lost schoolmate and best friend, rather than as his godson....I think I'll stop there, before I really get going.

09. A pairing that I love: Lupin/Tonks. Easily

10. A pairing that I hate: Any of the teacher/student pairings...oh yeah, and all the slash!pairings. Ugh...those WOULD NOT happen. Snape would rather DIE than cuddle up to Lupin OR Sirius, for example.

11. My five favorite characters: Lupin, Luna, Dumbledore, McGonagall...all the Weasleys except Ron XD (cheating again, I know), Tonks, Hermione, Lily Potter, Narcissa and Draco Malfoy....okay, stopping.

12. My five least favorite characters: Voldemort, Umbridge, Fudge, Ron, Scrimegeour (sp?), Bellatrix, Greyback, Quirrell, James when he was younger (although he seemed to have matured as he got older), Barty Crouch Jr.....oops. Again, stopping there.

13. Which character I am most like: I think I'm a nice blend of Hermione and Luna, with a dash of Lupin's kindness thrown in.

14. My deep, dark fandom secret: IIIII....don't think I have any, really! 
I apologise for not being online since last Wednesday. I've been running around like a chicken with it's head cut off since...well, last monday, actually, and from about last wednesday on, I've been very exhausted in the evenings (so much, in fact, that I have a hard time stringing together a coherent sentence after ten PM...if I'm lucky). It's just been crazy with something going on every day, and then working a graveyard two days (ten hour shifts, yo), AND never being able to get enough sleep because SOMETHING always pops up to interrupt it or wake me up before I can get more than maybe two hours of sleep at a time *sigh*. So...I shall be online again soon...hopefully wednesday or thursday of this week.

Also, if you have sent me a message, or responded to a message, or done any other online communication with me, and I haven't yet responded...I will. Again, it stems back to this pervading exhaustion (it's so bad I left my wallet in the Walmart McDonald's. I was just lucky an honest employee saw it and picked it up before it was stolen). I want to be able to reply with the thought and care that you all deserve, and so am waiting until I actually have the brainpower to do so. Again, that should be within a couple days...so look for me then! <3


Apology and explanation

First off, I'd like to apologize to friends (irl and otherwise) who haven't heard much from me lately, or if they have, it's been one/two-line texts/messages. I really am sorry that I've been so lousy about communicating lately.

Now for the explanation: The reason I've been so lousy at communication/being online lately is that if I'm not at work (last week I worked four days, this week I worked three...ten hour shifts every day that I worked, all graves), I'm usually asleep, or trying not to stress out over stuff. I've also had some health concerns over problems from earlier this summer (fears that they're coming back), and then there's been an epidemic of sickness at my place of employment...so I haven't been feeling too wonderful. I had to see my doctor yesterday and today about something...I hope that little problem's been solved now. 

Basically, if I haven't been online or texting much, it's because I don't want to add to other peoples' plates, especially when said other people are already dealing with plenty of stuff (without my problems being added on). It's not that I don't care about my friends...rather, it's that I would rather not add to their plates, and if I don't have something cheerful or positive to say, I tend to keep quiet and retreat into my little cave until I can be cheerful to be around again. That, or...well, I've already covered the work issue ^^; 

So...I just want to let y'all know: I DO care, and I like to know how y'all are doing, and I want to know what's going on in your lives. If you need a shoulder to lean on, I want to be able to provide it for you. I will try to do better about being available and communication.

Anime Fannitaku report!

Okay, so the anime con that I went to down in St. George was awesome! I went with a few friends (one was dressed up as Azula from Avatar, the other was Isuzu (Rin) Sohma from Fruits Basket, and I was Tohru from Furuba, also XD), and we had a blast! The panels were really informative, the guest speaker was Jerry Jewell, who voices Kyo from Fruits Basket, and he is the NICEST GUY! 

My friends and I were able to go to a 'meet and greet' dinner that he was at the night before the main con, and we got to meet him there! I got a couple of pictures with him *SQUEE!*, both as myself, and as Tohru! Jerry also was nice enough to autograph a picture of Kyo I'd drawn, and autograph a couple of blank pages in my sketchbook for one of my best friends and my little brother (who's nicknamed Momiji...for acting like the Furuba character of the same name XD;; ). He also sent a voicemail to a friend, which was incredibly sweet of him..and she was THRILLED, let me tell you! 

There was also a costume contest and a masquerade (which was a lot of fun XD), and 'Azula' and I got up and did individual skits. That was also fun, but incredibly nerve-wracking! I was visibly shaking during and afterwards ^^; That was followed by a dance and a raffle. The con, all in all, was a lot of fun ^^ and while my group didn't win any contests, we did all win prizes in the raffle. It was a lot of fun, and I can't wait to go to my next con!


Hi y'all!

So, I'm basically just posting a short journal for now saying hello from the strange human known here as cat_summoner (Karen to my friends lol). My friends've been telling me to sign up on here for ages, so..well...I gave in XD See guys? I said I would, and I did!

So....anybody here like...oh...cats? If a person's around me, it's better for them if they do. See, I chose the name cat_summoner for a reason XD My friends call me that because wherever I am, cats show up. I swear, it's the truth! Even my granddad says 'I know you're here because cats show up'. I'vew also been called the 'cat whisperer' by another good friend because I get along well with her cat ^^; Don't ask me why...I just relate to them well. I guess my totem'd be a cat, if I had one.

Wow, it's late. Guess I should probably turn in for the night..er...morning ^^; The lateness explains the random babbling that's showing up right now, I s'pose ^^; anyway, I hope I didn't scare anyone off ^^; and well...I'm here, Lucienne, Amber, and Rinzee! Toldja I'd sign up eventually!